Troublantes apparences (Azur) (French Edition)

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Box 69 Folder 8 Bird with blue background, watercolor on paper, Removed from 36 by 41 cm.

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Box 69 Folder 9 Tennessee Williams' House. Handwriting on back of frame says: Watercolor of Tennessee Williams' house obscured. Box 69 Folder 9 Man standing by bed. Box 69 Folder 1 Boris Aronson. Wash drawing forOrpheus Descending. Box 67 Folder 3 Sketch pad with pencil drawings by unknown. Box 72 Folder 2 by Jo Mielziner. Watercolor set designs 2 forSweet Bird of Youth.

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Boss Finley's house II Box 72 Folder 3 Boris Aronson. Watercolor design for the set of the original production ofThe Rose Tattoo, Box 72 Folder 4 Joe Mielziner. Watercolor set design forPeriod of Adjustment, signed.

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Box 72 Folder 5 Portrait watercolor of Frank Merlo. Box 68 Folder 1 Two flowers, watercolor on paper, 27 by 35 cm. Removed from white, plastic, 30 by 38 cm. Box 68 Folder 1 Woman in a black dress. Watercolor on paper, 27 by 35 cm.

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Removed from 30 by 38 cm. Box 68 Folder 1 Yellow chick. Box 68 Folder 1 Black house. Box 68 Folder 1 Palm tree. Box 68 Folder 1 Flower. Box 68 Folder 1 Brown house. Box 68 Folder 2 Cityscape from harbor. Print of watercolor on paper, signed by Cobelle, 32 by 24 cm. Box 68 Folder 2 Ink drawing by Pavel Tchelitchew. Torson Gallery East 55th 8t. The Three muses are C.

Berard, Cocteau and Tchelitchew and the central figure is Doggie, 32Ox cm. Removed from brown wooden frame, 34x28 cm.

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  5. Box 68 Folder 2 Dock St. Theatre in Charleston, SC. Print of drawing, print of drawing by Julia Homer Wilson, 23,5 by 32 cm. Box 69 Folder 14 Strathmore Alexis Drawing 14 sheet pad, 14x17 in. Box 69 Folder 15 Artist 11x 14 in. Simon Brandes. Opening Backstage , watercolor on paper, matted. Finale Sunflower scene , watercolor on paper, matted. Box 69 Folder 11 1 crayon drawing of bearded man [Peter] signed Mapcase G Jo Mielziner.

    Opening backstage , Gouache and watercolor mounted on mat. Mitch Douglas on Tennessee Williams:. Disk One:. Museum of Art and Design, January 9, Disk Two:. Box 62 Disk 1 Tennessee Williams Interview, Box 62 Disk 3 Tennessee Williams, Orlando. Performed by Leslie Bricusee, Box 62 Disk 7 Tennessee Williams.

    Two Character Play. San Franscisco. Box 62 Disk 8 Tennessee Williams. Red Devil Battery Sign. Box 69 Folder 4 Long playing album. Tennessee Williams reads Hart Crane, Caedmon. Cassette Tapes:. Box 77 "Two Readings by Tennessee Williams", 1 cassette tapes. Reel-to-Reel Tapes:. Box 73 Audiotapes: 2 unidentified, 2 reel to reel audiotapes.

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    Box 74 Audiotapes: 1 unidentified, 1 reel to reel audiotape. Poster of Polish production at Nowa Huta near Cracow, Poster of production starring Jessica Tandy and directed by John Dexter.

    Poster, Tratr Powszechny w Lodz, undated. Mapcase G-l3. Box 70 Folder 4 "Bank of Poker Hands," printed poster, 39 by 51 cm. Box 71 Folder 1 The Rose Tattoo promotional poster, colored poster, 33 by 54 cm. On reverse handwriting says: "large white mat flack.


    Box 78 Folder 7 Folder for Williams's 70 Birthday celebration, including printed materials and reproductions of letters from figures like Dick Cavett and Elia Kazan. Pressbook 20 p. Pressbook 16 p. Stone, Warner Bros. Pressbook 8 p. Box 70 Folder 2 Summer and Smoke, Paramount. Pressbook 12 p. Box 67 Folder 4 Printed broadside of poem "Efebo", published by the Parchment Gallery, 2 copies , Box 61 Folder 23 Playbills, programs, etc. Box 83 Folder 7 Direct Theatre.