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There are certain spots that collect more fat than others. Everybody gains weight differently, but generally, fat is stored in the belly, love handles, thighs, and — you guessed it — the chest. In some cases, man boobs might not be related to weight gain at all. These moobs have a more scientific, clinical name: gynecomastia. Despite surface appearances, both men and woman have breast glands.

In gynecomastia, these glands become enlarged. Often, gynecomastia is a recurring condition.

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Sometimes, this rears its ugly head during puberty, and again during old age. Because the issue with gynecomastia is not related to the soft, fatty tissue, it has nothing to do with weight gain. There are a few different causes for it. The human body creates a number of different hormones.

Two of the most common are testosterone and estrogen.

Testosterone creates reactions that are regarded as more masculine, such as facial hair, muscle growth, libido…You know, all the things that make you feel manly Tim Allen grunting noise. In general, men receive more testosterone than they do estrogen. Your hormones may be out of balance due to a genetic condition, change in your diet, or other factors. If this happens, your body produces excess amounts of estrogen, which signals your dormant breast glands to wake up and start growing.

And you know what that means: man boobs. Hormone imbalance might also cause annoying skin problems. While genetic hormone imbalance cannot necessarily be prevented, there are a few things that might contribute to hormone imbalance. The endocrine system is a complicated and delicate machine. There are dozens of separate glands, each dedicated to creating specific hormones and releasing them at the proper time and in the proper doses.

Trauma to a gland can cause it to act improperly. If that happens to a thyroid or your pituitary gland, it can cause similar problems.

A tumor might also grow on the gland, pressing into it and causing it to push out too much — or too little — of the hormone. The most famous is anabolic steroids.

What Causes Man Boobs?

More serious medications like chemotherapy or HIV treatments can also cause an influx of estrogen. Abundant alcohol can cause problems in your endocrine system too. Problems like hormone imbalance, and — you guessed it — moobs. If you use marijuana, you might be putting yourself at risk for man titties.

These will usually show that you don't have cancer. You'll usually be told the results on the same day, although biopsy results can take longer — you should get them in a week or two. Breast Cancer Care has more on what to expect at a breast clinic.

Lihong Wang: Better breast cancer screenings

Breast Cancer Care has more on common conditions that can cause nipple discharge. Nipple discharge by itself isn't usually a sign of breast cancer. Page last reviewed: 6 April Next review due: 6 April Nipple discharge.

The cancer mind games - The Strathfield Breast CentreThe Strathfield Breast Centre

So that was settled: For future meetings, there would be child care. Who knows a good baby-sitter? Resources for people with breast cancer often revolve around older women, and for good reason. The Centers for Disease Control reports that around 89 percent of breast cancer cases occur in women older than But among young women with a diagnosis, standard events for breast cancer survivors can feel a bit alienating.

Cox first spoke with The Columbian in , just before starting radiation to battle a particularly fast-spreading form of breast cancer — triple-negative, which means aggressive chemotherapy. She struggled to find a community of similar survivors, she said, and preferred to connect with peers online. All that changed, she said, when her nurse navigator talked her into attending a Pink Lemonade retreat. By the luck of the draw, the group happened to be made up of younger women.