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The Details : The show runs for 55 minutes with no intermission. There is no room for stroller parking at the venue, so plan accordingly! This Fall is a fantastic time to take your child to a show on Broadway, as there are many produced and performed specifically with children in mind.

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If you were able to answer yes to these questions, chances are your child is at an appropriate age to head to their first Broadway production! Share with us on Facebook and Twitter! Join us as we explore New York City's new restaurants, hot spots, museums, galleries and cultural events!

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It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Now, concerts are another matter entirely. Just wait until there are videos posted on YouTube the next day I've generally been pretty lucky when attending shows, but part of that can probably be attributed to the fact that I've seen only a dozen Broadway shows and maybe five tours at our local theater.

A Kid’s Theater Guide For Parents

At Holler if You Hear Me last week, someone nearby was taking their sweet time putting their phone away when the show started. The usher shined her flashlight right on her and scolded her to put it away - seems that perhaps someone was reading the Previews thread on this board! In Act 2, a younger 16ish? When I was at Motown the night before that, the woman next to me was doing who knows what exactly on her phone throughout the show.

She kept it in her purse, but in a dark theater that doesn't matter, the light is pretty obvious. I'd like to think she was texting, but I honestly think she was just checking the time, which was strange because at intermission she called someone and was telling them how great the show was and how it was taking her back. I do absolutely agree with the posters who've said the worst thing is latecomers. At All The Way, they held people for the first 20 or so minutes, which is nice until that time is up and the stampede comes down the aisle to be seated.

Luckily I didn't get put in a position where I had to move so a tardy patron could be seated, but it's still just as distracting to have it going on around you. It's difficult for people to take the announcement seriously when it seems the show itself doesn't either. I guess the passage of time hasn't done anything to make this miserable opus any more palatable. This is one instance in which the show is to blame.

xn-------43dacbbmdqgco6adwwx8cd8bte0a5c7a5cyi3e.xn--80asehdb/logs/reshebnik/2176.html I don't think it's as bad elsewhere, having seen many shows in L. It's the same problems, sure, but to a lesser degree.

People pay one month's rent to see a Broadway show now, so they feel oddly entitled to act as if they were at home while they watch it. Got them house seats. During Defying Gravity, as soon as Elphaba sings. It was so genuine and heartfelt that our entire section broke out into applause.

It was the first time after seeing that show numerous times, I was truly moved. Yes, sometimes audience responses really do enrich a show! Those Blocked: SueStorm. N2N Nate. Good riddence to stupid! Rad-Z, shill begone!

  1. La riconquista di Mompracem (I pirati della Malesia Vol. 9) (Italian Edition)!
  2. Seelenschlaf (German Edition).
  3. campfire games | Drinking Tips for Teens.

I think once they started allowing food and drink in the theater things started going downhill IMO. It made the atmosphere more like going to the movies and then you noticed the audience started dressing much more casually. Personally, I still wear jacket and tie to shows and probably stick out like a sore thumb compared to most of the audience - lol. In a perfect world, it would be great if people could not bring in cell phones but that is not realistic. Finally, I just think people are more crass today and that is reflected in the behavior at some shows.