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Psychedelic Casual , 21 Dec Joined: 26 Jul Messages: 2, Location: In the corner of the morning in the past. Jordie , 21 Dec Joined: 13 Sep Messages: 1, It is scroats not scally anyway. Joined: 14 Aug Messages: 13, Early on you see a rioter throw something at a cop not realising a cop is right behind him.

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Instead of hitting him with his big fuck off baton right in the ribs, the cop pushes him!! How do you spell wus?

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Blue Mist , 21 Dec You must log in or sign up to reply here. Also a pic of a Mulloway caught as a bycatch.

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Junior Bill & The Scallies (Buzz Acoustics)

Transport comes from 'suped-up' cars which are often between 10 and 20 years old. The lower to the floor, the better. Swearing is a common factor of scally language, along with monoslylaabic terms, possibly due to the dropping out of education before GCSE's could be taken. The female scally is often seen with a much older male scally. Hair is scraped back and heavily hairsprayed.

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Limitless amounts of make-up cover any blemishes, and the look is finsihed off with big hooped earrings. Clothes wise, tracksuit tops and tracksuit bottoms or jeans are preferred, along with the mandatory trainers. VPL always helps. Smoking and a young baby in a second hand pushchair are good accessories.

To find a scally, your best bet will be to parade the local big shopping mall, the local nightspots or, especaiily in seaside resorts, the main parade along the beach where numerous scally cars can be seen circling round, and round, and round A scally is a low life loser who lacks the basic education to string together sentences of more than five words. This prevents them from taking up the only job they are qualified for as they cannot say "Do you want fries with that?

The ultimate outfit is anything by LaCoste "Cos its kewl laaa ".

The scallies of manchester

They normally only own one tracky and their single mothers dont know how to clean it so they are a bit grimy and they stink. Once a person has succumbed to scallydom there is no saving them and they are doomed to spend the rest of their lives hanging round street corners with other losers drinking cheap cider and 25 lager. To rebel against their sad lot in life scallies actually create a perverse sense of pride in belonging to the group and attempt to 'out scally, the other members to gain approval. The plural of scally , meaning a group of young uneducated townies. Stuart : Hey mate , look at that group of chavvy kids.

Paul: What a bunch of scallies!! Scallys are lowlife scum who generally hang around street corners or shopping complexes waiting to either rob or intimidate someone.

They understand no large words from the english dictionary so stick to insults like 'Knob' instead of stringing together amusing profanities such as 'Knob - Jockey'. They are generally seen wearing fake 'designer' clothing ranging from adidas to a hot favourite 'henry lloyd'. They generally wear caps that are too small for their heads thus restricting all possible blood flow to thier tiny brains, big 'Rockport' boots are popular, stripey jumpers make them look like convicts and of course tracksuit bottoms tucked into their cartoon socks are standard.

Only scallys and cyclist tuck in their trousers. Cyclists have a proper reason. To keep the bottoms from tangling with the chain. Scallys however use it as a place to store stolen goods.