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Tyler, the Creator—your artist name says it all. How did you come up with it?

It was my Myspace account, from when I was 16 years old. It was something of a joke then. You are a man of many talents: singer, producer, graphic designer, videographer, screenwriter, and, of course, fashion designer. Where does your fashion background come from? I do what I like, and what looks cool to wear for me and my friends. There are musicians who can write very good songs and who can rap, but their music is not great and their concerts are dull.

The most important thing about creativity is not the knowledge, but to know what you want to do. When and why did I decide to do fashion? I like clothes.

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And I like creating. You launched your brand, Golf Wang, in How would you describe the experience? It was amazingly exciting. The brand represents exactly who I am, what I like.

Tyler, the Creator Just Launched His Most Extreme Converse Shoe Yet

There is no difference between Golf Wang and the music. There are no rules, no codes of conduct to follow. Cardigans are not reserved for old people. It is strange to associate cardigans and any shoes that are not sneakers with old age. I don't see what age has to do with what we wear. About Us Our History. Church Windows. About Episcopalians. Driving Directions. Stewardship Stewardship Letter. Pledge Card. Today's Meditation. The Most Reverend Michael B.

Who Is God, the Creator? What is God’s Name?

Reverend Brian R. The post-Vedic texts of Hinduism offer multiple theories of cosmogony , many involving Brahma. These include Sarga primary creation of universe and Visarga secondary creation , ideas related to the Indian thought that there are two levels of reality, one primary that is unchanging metaphysical and other secondary that is always changing empirical , and that all observed reality of the latter is in an endless repeating cycle of existence, that cosmos and life we experience is continually created, evolved, dissolved and then re-created.

Brahma is a "secondary creator" as described in the Mahabharata and Puranas , and among the most studied and described. In other versions of creation, the creator deity is the one who is equivalent to the Brahman , the metaphysical reality in Hinduism. In Vaishnavism , Vishnu creates Brahma and orders him to order the rest of universe.

In Shaivism , Shiva may be treated as the creator. In Shaktism , the Great Goddess creates the Trimurti. Pangu can be interpreted as another creator deity. In the beginning there was nothing in the universe except a formless chaos. However this chaos began to coalesce into a cosmic egg for eighteen thousand years. Within it, the perfectly opposed principles of yin and yang became balanced and Pangu emerged or woke up from the egg. Pangu is usually depicted as a primitive, hairy giant with horns on his head like the Greek Pan and clad in furs.

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Pangu set about the task of creating the world: he separated Yin from Yang with a swing of his giant axe, creating the Earth murky Yin and the Sky clear Yang. To keep them separated, Pangu stood between them and pushed up the Sky. This task took eighteen thousand years, with each day the sky grew ten feet higher, the Earth ten feet wider, and Pangu ten feet taller.

In some versions of the story, Pangu is aided in this task by the four most prominent beasts, namely the Turtle , the Qilin , the Phoenix , and the Dragon. After eighteen thousand years [55] had elapsed, Pangu was laid to rest.

His breath became the wind ; his voice the thunder ; left eye the sun and right eye the moon ; his body became the mountains and extremes of the world; his blood formed rivers; his muscles the fertile lands; his facial hair the stars and milky way; his fur the bushes and forests; his bones the valuable minerals; his bone marrows sacred diamonds; his sweat fell as rain; and the fleas on his fur carried by the wind became human beings all over the world. Shangdi is another creator deity, possibly prior to Pangu; sharing concepts similar to Abrahamic faiths.

According to Kazakh folk tales, Jasagnan is the creator of the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deity responsible for the creation of the universe. General conceptions. Specific conceptions. In particular religions. Experiences Practices. Related topics. See also: Atenism. Further information: Abrahamic religions and Genesis creation narrative. See also: Ex nihilo and Logos Christianity. Main article: Sikh beliefs.

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See also: Brahma. Main article: Monism. See also: Creator in Buddhism. Main article: Jainism and non-creationism. Main article: Demiurge. Main article: Hindu views on evolution.

Tyler, the Creator Heard Eminem’s Homophobic Slur, Seems Unbothered

Retrieved 5 July London: H. Archived from the original on 28 September Priory of Dominican Order in Latin and English.

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  6. Translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province. Benziger Bros. Archived from the original on 2 October Retrieved 6 October Ostensum est autem supra quod Deus est primum movens immobile. Unde manifestum est quod Deus non est corpus. Secundo, quia necesse est id quod est primum ens, esse in actu, et nullo modo in potentia. Licet enim in uno et eodem quod exit de potentia in actum, prius sit potentia quam actus tempore, simpliciter tamen actus prior est potentia, quia quod est in potentia, non reducitur in actum nisi per ens actu.

    Ostensum est autem supra quod Deus est primum ens. Impossibile est igitur quod in Deo sit aliquid in potential Therefore it is clear that God is not a body. Secondly, because the first being must of necessity be in act, and in no way in potentiality. For although in any single thing that passes from potentiality to actuality, the potentiality is prior in time to the actuality; nevertheless, absolutely speaking, actuality is prior to potentiality; for whatever is in potentiality can be reduced into actuality only by some being in actuality.

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    Now it has been already proved that God is the First Being. It is therefore impossible that in God there should be any potentiality.