Reading with Ralph—A Journey in Christian Compassion

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This is not the domain where social conservatives and gay rights advocates are used to doing battle. In the decade and a half since same-sex marriage became a galvanizing issue for both sides, the national debate has largely focused on the tension between civil rights and individual freedoms.

Buttigieg has reframed it in religious terms, raising questions about God, morality, sexuality and intolerance that depart from the familiar left-right fault lines. That quickly caught the attention of Republicans and conservative media commentators, who tried to cast his remarks as an unprovoked attack on faith-abiding Christians. Buttigieg, who has been mayor of South Bend since , had a friendly working relationship with Mr. Pence while Mr. Pence was governor of Indiana.

They toured factories together and occasionally exchanged text messages.

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But Mr. Buttigieg has cited Mr. Pence have miffed the vice president, who has privately told allies that if Mr.

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Buttigieg had questions about his religious beliefs, he could have asked him at any time during their friendship. The issue followed the vice president to the United Nations on Wednesday, where reporters shouted questions at him about whether being gay was a choice. Pence walked away without answering. Pence addressed Mr. Buttigieg to gain traction in a crowded field.

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Pence said. The reaction from other conservatives has been less measured. Erick Erickson, an evangelical blogger, said that Mr. Buttigieg has provoked a mixture of concern, derision and faint admiration from conservatives. Some built him up early as an undeniable but stealth force in the race.

Rush Limbaugh warned his listeners that someone as articulate, personal and seemingly reasonable as Mr. Buttigieg would be a strong opponent. Ben Shapiro, the writer and podcast host, argued that he was the candidate who could most likely beat Mr. Shapiro wrote on Twitter. But this week provided a moment of clarity on the right, and the backlash was a reminder of how galvanizing religion and homosexuality can be when evangelicals and other conservatives of faith are convinced that their values are under attack.

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This sentiment, which was stoked by Mr. Holidays and Ceremonies. Search Words for Worship Services Displaying 1 - 50 of items for multiple occasions are listed more than once.

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