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The presence of the GIL simplifies the implementation of CPython, and makes it easier to implement multi-threaded applications that do not benefit from concurrent Python code execution; without a GIL multiprocessing, apps must make sure all common code is thread safe. Although many proposals have been made to eliminate the GIL, the general consensus has been that in most cases the advantages of the GIL outweigh the disadvantages; in the few cases were the GIL is a bottleneck, the application should be built around the multiprocessing structure.

Supported platforms include: [4]. These platforms can still be supported by external ports. These ports include:. These Python versions are distributed with currently-supported enterprise Linux distributions [13]. Unladen Swallow was an optimization branch of CPython, intended to be fully compatible and significantly faster. It aimed to achieve its goals by supplementing CPython's custom virtual machine with a just-in-time compiler built using LLVM. The project had stated a goal of a speed improvement by a factor of five over CPython; [62] this goal was not met.


The project was sponsored by Google , and the project owners, Thomas Wouters, Jeffrey Yasskin, and Collin Winter, are full-time Google employees, [64] however most project contributors are not Google employees. Like many things regarding the Python language, the name Unladen Swallow is a Monty Python reference, specifically to the joke about the airspeed velocity of unladen swallows in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Although it fell short of all published goals, Unladen Swallow did produce some code which got added to the main Python implementation, such as improvements to the cPickle module. In July , some observers speculated on whether the project was dead or dying, since the Q4 milestone had not yet been released.

Python 3's f-Strings: An Improved String Formatting Syntax (Guide)

The Q4 development branch was created on 26 January , [72] but no advertising was made on the website. Further, regarding the long-term plans, and as the project missed the Python 2. As of July , this work was ongoing. However, the PEP was subsequently withdrawn.

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  • er macht, was Sie will (German Edition).

In early , it became clear that the project was stopped. There are also several experimental implementations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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    Latest version. Latest preview version. Future release. Retrieved 22 April Python v2. Retrieved Retrieved 19 July Red Hat Developer Blog. Canonical Ltd.

    If IPython contributes to a project that leads to a scientific publication, please acknowledge this fact by citing the project. You can use this ready-made citation entry. Notebook Viewer Share your notebooks. IPython provides a rich architecture for interactive computing with: A powerful interactive shell. A kernel for Jupyter. Support for interactive data visualization and use of GUI toolkits.

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    Flexible, embeddable interpreters to load into your own projects. Easy to use, high performance tools for parallel computing.


    IPython supports Python 2. Our older 1. IPython 7. IPython 6.