Progress in Nucleic Acid Research and Molecular Biology: 77

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Specificity in formation of triple-stranded nucleic acid helical complexes: studies with agarose-linked polyribonucleotide affinity columns. Formation of the triple-stranded polynucleotide helix, poly A. Ultraviolet-induced 8,8-adenine dehydrodimers in oligo- and polynucleotides. Correlation of Tm and sequence of DNA duplexes with delta H computed by an improved empirical potential method. Correlation of crystallographically determined and computationally predicted hydrogen-bonded pairing configurations of nucleic acid bases.

Mechanistic studies of ribonucleic acid renaturation by a helix-destabilizing protein. Fluorescence of terbium ion-nucleic acid complexes: a sensitive specific probe for unpaired residues in nucleic acids.

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Analytical Biochemistry. Metabolic regulation of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase biosynthesis in bakers' yeast. Base pairing and fidelity in codon-anticodon interaction. Complementary base pairing and the origin of substitution mutations. Acceleration of RNA renaturation by nucleic acid unwinding proteins. Brookhaven Symposia in Biology. Stabilization of the native tertiary stucture of yeast tRNALeu3 by cationic metal complexes.

Journal of Molecular Biology. Structural and energetic consequences of noncomplementary base oppositions in nucleic acid helices. Oligonucleotide binding to the native and denatured conformers of yeast transfer RNA-3 Lea. A common error in the plotting of continuous variation mixing curve experiments. Chemical synthesis of polyriboguanylic acid. Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Stoichiometric and thermodynamic studies of polynucleotide helices with non-complementary residues. Photochemical evidence for an extrahelical, solvent-accessible environment of non-complementary residues in polynucleotide helices. Tritium exchange studies of transfer RNA in native and denaturated conformations. Purification and properties of leucyl-tRNA synthetase from Bakers' yeast. Influences of polynucleotide conformation on susceptibility of pyrimidine residues to photochemical attack. Ultraviolet photochemistry as a probe of polyribonucleotide conformation.

USMLE STEP 1 Biochemistry, Nucleic Acid Structure and Organization, Part 1 of 3

Crystallization of tRNA Leu -synthetase from baker's yeast. Preparation of highly labeled 32P nucleic acids from yeasts; isolation of "denaturable" leucine acceptor transfer RNA. Science New York, N. Nucleotide sequence of the "denaturable" leucine transfer RNA from yeast. High-resolution x-ray diffraction by single crystals of mixtures of transfer ribonucleic acids. A method for locating 4-thiouridylate in the primary structure of transfer ribonucleic acids.

Chemical transformation of 4-thiouracil nucleosides to uracil and cytosine counterparts. Crystallization of transfer ribonucleic acids from unfractionated mixtures. Temperature dependence of kinetics of complex formation in equimolar mixtures of polyriboadenylate and polyribouridylate. A spectral approach to the equilibria between polyriboadenylate and polyribouridylate and their complexes. Isolation of "renaturable" transfer ribonucleic acids. Selective recognition of the native conformation of transfer ribonucleic acids by enzymes. Conformational differences between the biologically active and inactive forms of a transfer ribonucleic acid.

DOI: Spectrophotometric study of the kinetics of formation of the two-stranded helical complex resulting from the interaction of polyriboadenylate and polyribouridylate. Renaturation of transfer ribonucleic acids through site binding of magnesium. Tertiary structure in transfer ribonucleic acids. Hydrodynamic changes accompanying the thermal denaturation of transfer ribonucleic acid.

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Molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of unfractionated yeast transfer ribonucleic acid. Helix-coil transition of polyriboguanylic acid [3] Journal of the American Chemical Society. Synthesis of polyriboguanylic acid catalyzed by polynucleotide phosphorylase. Biosynthetic polynucleotides: models of biological templates.

American Scientist. Formation and properties of polyribonucleotide-polydeoxy-ribonucleotide helical complexes. Rotatory dispersion of nucleic acids in the near-ultraviolet region [1] Journal of the American Chemical Society. Optical rotatory properties of polynucleotides and nucleic acids Tetrahedron.

The metabolic stability of rat liver deoxyribonucleic acid: a turnover study. Edward A. Louis, Missouri Cite this: Anal.

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Nucleases: diversity of structure, function and mechanism

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