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The Crispinator was sadly not a fan. You have to be a massive Thai cuisine lover to enjoy these, and it probably helps to like shrimp too.

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Overall, a bit of a disappointment, but it's always good to dip sample crisps from another continent. Too stinky in the wrong way.

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Fortnite X Lays And a shout out to realtravel1 for kindly gifting these to Crispinator. These Chinese Lays grilled squid flavour deep ridged crisps were very unique and had a sweet barbecue-esque aroma. Quite meaty. I'm not an eater of squid so can't say whether they taste much like them. Certainly had an oriental vibe. Waiting for the girls to come back with beers and lays The gifts keep coming and these were happily received from France by a colleague at work. Lays Max, BBQ sauce flavour.

These were ruddy delicious. Great tang and incessantly moreish. Devoured in a team meeting in the office. Recommended the next time you need to make redundancies! And the Crispinator is proud to have been gifted yet again by a colleague who brought these Lays crab curry flavoured ridge crisps all the way from Thailand!

Oriental, curryesque and with a slight ketchup undertone, these are sweet, savoury and a real delicious find for backpackers out there. I've never had crab curry But I'd reconsider based on these bad boys. Thanks for my presents missdebbielove and harrysabout loveyoulongtime lays layscrisps rocheslinieres rose wine fridaynight wineoclock frenchwine. Some of the provisions we'd bought for the barge party. The beer and vodka remain under lock and key in the bag, for the time being.

Happy day!

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It do be like that. There are few better places to enjoy a paprika crisp then a beach. These Lays crinkle cut are up there with the best. What a shame Walkers don't put these out in their baked range when these are available all over Europe. Lays grilled paprika oven baked crisps are low fat and delicious. Typical oven baked style but the flavour marks these out as pretty special.

Smokey and tangy.

منصة ليلى الثقافية

Love a good mooch round a Spanish Supermarket Lay's salted egg yolk flavor crisps Wouldn't be a holiday without these bad boys! Road trip through South Dakota allowed me to try these ones out.

Trying new things Just what summer holidays are made for. January is typically one of the harshest months to struggle through. This January is anything but typical. Even with the balmy weather, you may yet find a reason stay indoors with visions of snow covered landscapes dancing through your head thanks to Capcom's latest action game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

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The extreme conditions mentioned in the title are no joke. Lost Planet takes place on a planet that is so cold, freezing to death would happen quite rapidly if it weren't for a strange orange ooze that the local residents known as the Akrid produce and store. This thermal energy can be harvested and used to keep the main character from succumbing to the elements. Unfortunately, the Akrid are a collective of giant bug-like aliens who haven't bought into the human ideas of colonizing and terra forming the planet.

Rather than looking for a more suitable planet to colonize, humanity took the next logical step; build giant mechs called vital suits and make bigger guns to fight back. Lost Planet's campaign mode places you in the role of Wayne, a man whose last memory is of his father being killed by a large and dangerous Akrid named Green Eye before being knocked into a coma. This memory lays down the groundwork for his motivation to rid the planet of the nasty critters one hive at a time which is how you spend the early portions of the game.

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Other characters and human enemies are quickly introduced to round out the action and confuse the story, but it is the gameplay that makes this title fulfilling, so let's ignore the story issues for a while. The action in Lost Planet takes place either on foot or from within one of the aforementioned vital suits.

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The gameplay gimmick that helps to keep Lost Planet fresh is the thermal energy bar. Each enemy you take down or piece of machinery you destroy leaves behind a small puddle of thermal energy that helps to restore your constantly draining supply.

Rather than employing a standard life bar, Lost Planet opted to tie your life completely to the thermal energy. If you take a hit from an enemy, your thermal energy will drain into your life bar. The energy doesn't drain fast enough to ever become a serious issue in most stages, but it does provide a nice nudge to the player to keep them moving along towards the next big fight. In this way, the thermal energy mechanic is an excellent addition to an action game - if you don't keep moving and fighting and spend all of your time doing uneventful exploring, you'll find yourself in big trouble.

The weapons and vital suits also do a great job of keeping the action steady and rocking.