Managing the Latchkey Dog: Tips for managing the dog while you work

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The problem here is that it is expensive and thus probably only available to yuppie puppies. Check out the day care center thoroughly as you would kiddy day care for young children. Providing a dog with a crate gives him a room of his own, a place in which to hang out and to get away from it all. Crates should never be used for punishment or as a substitute for appropriate management.

I think it is rarely, if ever, appropriate to shut a dog in his crate all day while you are away but an open crate is another matter. Most people have developed the habit of feeding their dog before they leave in the morning. The dog wolfs down his food and then has nothing to do all day. Many people already leave a radio or television on for their dog when they leave.

Most animals seem to prefer seeing images of other animals or nature programs. Room with a view. Transitional object. Some people report that leaving out an article of their apparel comforts their dog. The dog can then snuggle up to the item in their absence and be reminded of better times.

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Rotation of toys. Well-meaning owners leave toys out for their dog to play with in their absence. This is a valuable enrichment strategy but will not work well unless the toys are interesting and novel. Exercise generates serotonin in the brain and thus has a calming and mood-stabilizing effect on man and beast. Another idea, if you live in the suburbs and have a reasonable-sized fenced in yard, is to fit a dog door to allow your dog to come and go at will.

Some dogs will fare quite well with the application of just a few of the measures listed above. Nevertheless, the wisdom of getting a highly social pet like a dog must be considered if you know in advance that you will be required to be apart from that pet for many hours each day. It is preferable to choose the right time in your life to acquire a dog — a time when you are in a position to spend sufficient quality time with your pet and not wind up a latchkey parent.

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