Losers and Keepers in Argentina: A Work of Fiction (Jewish Latin America series)

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Notes at the end of those entries mention the companion series, but do not give detailed listings. Contemporary Series The last fifteen years have witnessed major developments in children's series. Paperback series, once predominantly the domain of religious publishers, appeared with increasing frequency in the late s, and as of this writing almost all major publishing houses have paperback imprints for children.

The new format led to a renaissance in the genre. Girls' Series Books listed only three series published between and ; since then, over additional series have appeared. These new series reflect current publishing trends, which, ironically, hearken back to the approach used by dime novel publishers: many series are owned or controlled by publishers, who employ a variety of pseudonymous writers to meet monthly or bimonthly publication schedules. Three categories of series have become more prominent since These contain books by different authors, centering on a particular theme frequently romance , and do not use continuing characters.

The books bear the series title and usually a volume number on the cover or spine. Easy- readers or "chapter books," i. These feature continuing characters in light adventures or mysteries; the books use large type, simple sentence structure, and often a limited vocabulary. A third category, interactive fiction, emerged in the s. Rather than a continuing narrative, interactive fiction offers multiple story choices and different endings. Several other tactics, occasionally evident in older series, continue in newer books. One is the series based on a common location.

Another approach employs continuing characters in secondary roles, helping progatonists featured in only one book of the series. The phenomenal popularity of some series has also engendered spinoffs.

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Publishers also discovered the appeal of "specials"--longer books, issued once or twice a year, using the same characters as in regular series. As with their predecessors, series from the s and s treat a variety of topics, appealing to a wide range of interests. Several series have adopted unusual approaches. In short, girls' series are again big business, and a new generation of readers are discovering the pleasure of following a favorite character through numerous adventures. Definitions As with the earlier edition, Girls' Series Books lists American fictional series books for girls, this time including those series that began between and As with the previous edition, this includes many "tots" series-i.

Many of the parameters used for the original edition remain, specifically:. American books are defined as having an American author or being published first in the United States of America. Only books of 48 or more pages are included Hoyle n. Some parameters have been modified. The original edition defined a series as "three or more books that have parallel titles or the same character. Titles that were originally published as part of a thematic series or were extensively advertised as such soon after their initial publication are included.

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Publishers' series - those series where publishers later grouped unrelated volumes, frequently by different authors, under an umbrella title such as "Girl Chums" or "Maidenhood" - have been excluded. Organization The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by series title with cross references to the main entry under alternate titles. The earlier edition used parenthesis to distinguish between titles assigned by the compiler and those listed in the publication; these have been deleted.

Each entry lists series title, followed by the stated author of the series; if this is a known pseudonym, it is followed by the actual author's name in parenthesis. This reverses the procedure used in the earlier edition. The original publisher follows; reprint publishers are not given.

If the original publication was a paperback edition, PB appears after the publisher's name. Because this edition includes three types of series which are often not of interest to collectors, they are marked as such on the line following the publishers' name: thematic, interactive, and easy reader.

Although there are many interactive series, such as "Choose Your Own Adventure," only those series specifically intended for girls have been included here. Whenever possible, volume numbers correspond to the actual numbering of the series. Some listings are incomplete: - amb.

An asterisk before the title indicates a copy is in the CLRC. Dates used are copyright dates, which are occasionally for the year prior to actual publication, especially for nineteenth-century series and January titles of contemporary series issued on a monthly basis. Notes follow some series entries, clarifying material or conveying additional information. A "Related series" or "Related titles" line refers to other series or to single volumes, not issued as part of the series, in which major or secondary characters also appear.

A "See also" reference indicates that additional information or a continuation of the series may be found under another series title. Little Prudy, for example, appears in several series; "See also" references direct the reader to those entries. Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw? Loretta P. Sweeny, Where Are You? Wilderness Wedding. Note: At least two of these titles were also reissued under the pseudonym Barrie Anderson: vol. Chariot PB 1. Who Wants a Turnip for President, Anyway? Hollywood Ho! These six volumes were also issued together as the Activity Book Portfolio of Pastimes.

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Losers and Keepers in Argentina: A Work of Fiction (Jewish Latin America Series)

The Stolen Horse Sharon M. The Courage of Ann 3. Anne Alive! See that entry for a complete listing of titles. Burt 1. Note: According to the American Catalogue, this series was published in , but at least one volume was copyrighted several years before that. No information on original publication dates was found for other titles.

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A companion series, Aunt Hattie's Library for Boys, was also published the same year. Apple PB 1. Logan Likes Mary Anne! Little Miss Stoneybrook Welcome Back, Stacey! Poor Mallory! Mary Anne vs. Baby-sitters on Board! New York New York! Who Framed Mary Bubnick? Save D. Note: The first three volumes were also reissued as one volume titled The World of Barbie.

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Barry the Undaunted. Dynamite Dawn vs. Who's Out to Get Linda? William A. The Betty Wales Girls and Mr.

The Mt. Note: This is actually part of the First Love series, a thematic series not included in this bibliography. Numbers in brackets indicate volume numbers within the First Love series. A Texas Blue Bonnet Jacobs 2. The Bobbsey Twins: Dr. At this point, Wanderer Books began publishing the series in paperback and began renumbering:. The series was discontinued and started again as the New Bobbsey Twins, by Minstrel a division of Simon and Schuster :. In , Grosset and Dunlap also began issuing re-revised hardcover editions of the early volumes, usually with modified titles:.

Lost, but Found; or The Jewish Home 4. Fashion and Folly. Cupples 1. Judd Century, Ethel Hollister's Outing] 5. Note: The first six titles listed above were also published by Donohue using the name Stella M. Francis as follows:. Wilde 1.

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The Campfire Girls' Duty Call 6. Note: Publication information on this series is still a puzzle. Many of the volumes have no copyright or publication date listed. Mary Lee is also a character in the Camp Fire Girls series.