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The victory of the Angevin army over the Sicilians at Benevento in not only marked the end of the year Norman- Swabian reign in Sicily but also effectively ensured that the centre of literary influence would eventually move from Sicily to Tuscany. Following the Sicilian Vespers of , the kingdom was to come under the influence of the Crown of Aragon , [60] and so the Catalan language and the closely related Aragonese would add a new layer of vocabulary in the succeeding century.

For the whole of the 14th century, both Catalan and Sicilian were the official languages of the royal court. By the time the crowns of Castille and Aragon were united in the late 15th century, the Italianisation of written Sicilian in the parliamentary and court records had commenced.

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By this process was virtually complete, with the Tuscan dialect of Italian becoming the lingua franca of the Italian peninsula and supplanting written Sicilian. Spanish rule lasted over three centuries not counting the Aragonese and Bourbon periods on either side and had a significant influence on the Sicilian vocabulary. The following words are of Spanish derivation:. Since the Italian Unification the Risorgimento of — , the Sicilian language has been significantly influenced by Tuscan Italian.

During the Fascist period it became obligatory that Italian be taught and spoken in all schools, whereas up to that point, Sicilian had been used extensively in schools. The combination of these factors means that the Sicilian language continues to adopt Italian vocabulary and grammatical forms to such an extent that many Sicilians themselves cannot distinguish between correct and incorrect Sicilian language usage.

Sicilian has a number of consonant sounds that, although not unique to Sicilian, certainly set it apart from the other major Romance languages.

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The most unusual sounds include, but are not limited to, the retroflex consonants. This causes the vowels u and i to have a far greater presence than o and e in Sicilian, [49] whereas the opposite is true in other Romance languages such as Spanish and Italian notwithstanding the conservative nature of Sicilian, which retains the vowel u of the Latin stems -us and -um : in this Sicilian is closer to Portuguese instead which however spells such unstressed vowels as o and e , too.

In addition, one will never find a Sicilian word ending in the unaccented vowels e or o , with the exception of monosyllabic conjunctions and certain recent loanwords: in fact, due to the influence of Italian in the media after World War II , as well as the recent influx of English terminology related to technology and globalization, there is an increasing number of words entering the Sicilian lexicon that do not adhere to the Sicilian vowel system. In the vast majority of instances where the originating word has had an initial i , the Sicilian has dropped it completely.

This can also happen occasionally where there was once an initial e , and to a lesser extent a and o. Rarely indicated in writing, spoken Sicilian also exhibits syntactic gemination or dubbramentu , [76] which means that the first consonant of a word is lengthened when it is preceded by certain vowel-ending words, e. The letter j at the start of a word can have two separate sounds, depending on what precedes the word.

Another difference between the written and spoken languages is the extent to which contractions will occur in everyday speech.

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Thus a common expression such as avemu a accattari The circumflex is commonly used in denoting a wide range of contractions in the written language, in particular, the joining of simple prepositions and the definite article. Sicilian only has one auxiliary verb , aviri "to have".

As in English, and most Romance languages, Sicilian may use the verb jiri "to go" to signify the act of being about to do something. Extracts from three of Sicily's more celebrated poets are offered below to illustrate the written form of Sicilian over the last few centuries: Antonio Veneziano , Giovanni Meli and Nino Martoglio. A translation of the Lord's Prayer can also be found in J.

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As one of the most spoken languages of Italy, Sicilian has notably influenced the Italian lexicon. In fact, there are several Sicilian words that are nowadays part of the Italian language; they usually refer to things closely associated to Sicilian culture, with some notable exceptions: [95]. Sicilian is estimated to have 5,, speakers. Regional Italian has encroached on Sicilian, most evidently in the speech of the younger generations.

In terms of the written language, in Sicily it is mainly restricted to poetry and theatre. The education system does not support the language, despite recent legislative changes, as mentioned previously. Local universities do not carry courses in Sicilian, or where they do it is described as dialettologia , that is, the study of dialects.


Outside Sicily, there is an extensive Sicilian diaspora living in several major cities across South and North America, as well as other parts of Europe and Australia, where Sicilian has been preserved to varying degrees. The Sicilian-American organization Arba Sicula publishes stories, poems and essays, in Sicilian with English translations, in an effort to preserve the Sicilian language, in Arba Sicula , its bi-lingual annual journal latest issue: , and in a biennial newsletter entitled Sicilia Parra.

The movie La Terra Trema is entirely in Sicilian, using many local, non-professional actors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Language family. Sicily limited recognition [2]. Middle Italian. Intermediate Southern Italian. Extreme Southern Italian Includes Sicilian. Play media. I, XII, 2 [36] [37]. Main article: Sicilian School. For the sound-to-spelling correspondence, see Sicilian orthography. Main article: Sicilian vowel system. Italy portal Languages portal. Retrieved July 17, Glottolog 3.

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Il dialetto reggino — Tradizione e nuovo vocabolario [ The dialect of Reggio — Tradition and new vocabulary ] in Italian. Reggio Calabria : Iiriti. Sicilian: The Oldest Romance Language.

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Polyglot Italy: Languages, Dialects, Peoples. Melbourne : CIS Educational. The Sicilian Mafia.