Jonny Hawkins Embraces the Family

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It's an illness that Hawkins' sister, Jenna, has wrestled with since she was very young.

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The topic is something that I think many of us can relate to, but not many of us talk about We all know a 'Jenny,' whether it is a family member or a friend. It affects every minute of every day," adds Hawkins.

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When someone's in a wheelchair, everyone in the room will open the door for them and treat them differently. But if someone has something wrong with their brain, [other people] immediately just think they're an asshole. It's painful enough to see a relative experience metal illness, but Hawkins' family has endured several interrelated tragedies.

His mother, Shari, his aunt, Jenny, and his uncle saw their father die when a helicopter he was flying crashed in front of them.

Later, when Jenny was in college, she became mentally incapacitated and has been in a home ever since. When Jenna who was named after Jenny was born, she almost didn't survive because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Shari feared the difficult birth would have long-term repercussions, and as the years passed it became evident that Jenna wasn't well.

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The girl began self-medicating in her teens and wound up addicted to drugs. Jenna's difficult life is depicted in the video for "Jenny. The pair are currently in pre-production on another short film Dwarf Planet.

Nothing More interview - Jonny Hawkins & Daniel Oliver (2018)

Rebecca has production experience across a range of commercial projects and built EPK production experience on films including Alien: Covenant and The Water Diviner. But when she discovers her wayward teenage sister, Tamara, posting nude pics online, Shantelle must hunt her down and, with the help of a callow workmate, stop Tamara crossing a dangerous line.

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Faced with the bigotry of her small country town as she attempts to balance the duality of her responsibility and her sexuality, Shantelle must choose who to protect — her sister, herself or a young gay man at risk. Key Creative Team Summary: Vonne Patiag and Maren Smith are an award-winning filmmaking team whose recently launched production company In-Between Pictures creates narratives that explore contemporary intersectional Australian identities.

They were recently awarded a Hot Shots Plus grant from Screen Australia to develop and produce the pilot episode of an online series described as a contemporary take on male friendship in Western Sydney with themes around LGBTQIA culture, class and ethnicity. In fact, all of it happened.