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Interview with Nika Quirk, MBA Core Faculty

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DA calls for accountability over unspent disaster relief funds in KZN. Are you curious about how science can help in recruiting the best employees? Then you will find this book full of evidence inspirational as well as thought-provoking. She has helped companies of every size and industry hire for positions like individual contributors all the way up to CEOs. Geared exclusively toward recruiters, this book focuses on how recruiters can work and collaborate the best with hiring managers. Sackett has helped many companies including a few Fortune ones in industries like healthcare, retail, dining, and technology with their recruitment needs.

In his book, Talent Fix , Sackett shows recruiters how they can ace the talent acquisition part of the recruitment process. Sackett touches upon every concept a recruiter needs during talent acquisition right from building the right talent acquisition tech stack and measuring the effectiveness of the talent acquisition system to handling the real challenges most recruiters face when attracting the best talent for example, competing with the better-paying, bigger companies and more. If you want to find ways to get the top talent for your company or for your clients despite your salary, location, management and other constraints , this book is written just for you.

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Written in a clever and entertaining style, the Talent Magnet will become your ultimate helper in the quest to hire the best people. A best-selling author, recruitment specialist, and retention coach, Heike Guilford has helped place candidates for all kinds of roles right from those of junior staff to senior management. In her book, How To Interview People: A guide to choosing the best person for the job every time Recruitment Book 2 , Guilford teaches recruiters everything they need to make and retain the best hires right from building a talent pool, assessing candidates, conducting interviews, and onboarding the new hires to following the best retention strategies.

Every chapter comes with an exercise that will make you look into your current recruitment practices to identify the few key patterns, stats, and gaps that you can improve to become a better recruiter. If you feel that you rely too much on resumes to match candidates to jobs and end up making bad placements as a result , then this book is right for you. With years of experience on recruitment strategies, processes, and technologies, Andy Headworth is also an expert on integrating social media into recruitment.

He is considered a recruiting influencer with over 24K followers on his Twitter account. The book provides practical guidance to all HR and recruiting professionals interested in utilizing social media recruitment in their talent acquisition strategy.

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Furthermore, the book features numerous case studies and examples from different countries all around the globe. If you are looking for an actionable guide to help you implement social media in your recruitment strategy, Social Media Recruitment can be the perfect book for you. This is for the questions.

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I do mention this in the previous podcast. You can really do the whole interview just from the application by saying to them — and the application is very similar all around the world.

Using History to Answer the Biggest Questions

It has these kinds of things based off of experience. How did you get to where you are in business? I really think that the fact that the organization has a code of ethics, and appears to be concerned with that code of ethics, is what kind of organization I want to belong to. Just listen to what they have to say. Who do you think it might be?

You just want to make sure that they get that it is important. I did some crowd sourcing and asked the members what questions that they might have.

Episode 18: Interview with David Villa

And why would this be good for your business? How is it that the group can help you? Mavis had so many good questions. Are you prepared for the success that can come with referrals? We want people who want long-term commitment. BNI is a team sport. Where would you like to go with that? How would it be for you to invite people in?

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So these are a number of the questions, not all of them, that people asked or shared with me when I crowd sourced it on Facebook. I added some in there as well. Pick and choose the ones that resonate with you and stop whenever you have enough information. And from that attitude, you may realize that it is not a good fit, or you may realize that it is a fantastic fit. They will have a huge success in building beautiful successful chapters! And I thought it was about time to actually provide questions that people could use.

And it is a good idea, but the unintended consequences are if you make it too formal, they will feel intimidated. And if you have any questions as I go along, fill free to ask them! Thank you so much for listening, this is Priscilla Rice. Solutions-focused comments are welcome. Misner reads every comment personally.

Reality is broken, argues visionary game designer Jane McGonigal

All comments are moderated before posting. Profanity, personal attacks, and sales pitches will be deleted. Keep the intimidation low by not asking to many questions, being to formal, excessive details, and make them feel comfortable. As an ex Human Resources practitioner, I have been trained, and practised questioning as outlined in this podcast. I have listened to the podcast prior to interviewing a member, and have listened again this morning.