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We live in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs beneath the Dandenong hills. At 18 in the holidays before starting university, I spent 31 wonderful days travelling on Interail all around Europe. I was hooked on travel. I could see all the places and peoples that my extensive reading of history and anthropolgy had told me about.

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It was also the heat, the adventure and whatever came my way. So during the long University holidays I would work flat out for weeks and then travelled for a similar length of time in search of adventure, living on not a lot to be able to travel further and longer. Four years later I graduated and at dawn, the day after my graduation ceremony, I set out for Morocco and encountering the Spanish Saharan war moved into Algeria and across the Sahara to Tammerset. I briefly returned to England to learn how to ride a morotbike and a few months later set off to India with my newly graduated mate, Dave on our motorbikes.

This was also very exciting as the Shah of Iran started to totter on his peacock throne as we arrived in the country. Since these 3 year long grand road trips and as month long holidays or with work, I have continued to travel exploring America both north and south, SE Asia and of course the whole of Australia where I now reside. This is especially as the travel includes all forms of transport particularly motorbikes and horseback and even camel.

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My interests also help being, reading, ancient literature, history, anthropology plus fencing, shooting, horse riding and motorbikes. I must also include music as all my books were written to a rock soundtrack. My series of books I have named the Saga of the Woden born. They all follow on in time but are each separate and complete stories in themselves.

Wednesday is Woden's day. Are you an author? He was mainly worshipped at Erech and Der. He grew up to be her guard and attendant in her wanderings; his name means watcher and guardian of the dogs. They may be the stars of the northern heavens. He is also known as Apophis. The title in this case means Cloud of Blood.

Aplu Etruscan god of thunder and lighting, though in reality a manifestation of Apollo, taken from the Greek pantheon. The Ao which is found in many names means Cloud or World. He was a god of the lightning and statues to him were put up on mountain tops all through the empire of the Incas.


Tidebast och Vändelrot: Magical representations in the Swedish black art book tradition

As enemy of the sun gods, he was also the enemy of the dead, who could only return to life through his defeat. He is depicted as a great serpent and would appear to be a pre-dynastic storm god, an assumption which is confirmed by his title of the Roarer. This appears to be a vague memory of some great cosmic happening of the remote past.

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They appear to correspond to the houris of Islam and the peris of the Persians. Apsu In Babylonian myth the primeval abyss of sweet water from which sprang all things. A somewhat depressing reflection of the upper world, those who entered it being doomed to remain for ever in the Stygian gloom, to live on mud and dust. It was customary to provide food and drink for the dead so that they should not have to wander about in search of nourishment.

The name means Fierce Squalls.

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This name comes from a King Ar, and was only adopted about A. The word means Whirlwind. He marries the Moon, the daughter of Evening Star, and participates in a war with the Morning Star and its daughter the Sun. From the stump, however, water began to gush forth and soon turned into a great deluge. The birds and climbing animals took refuge on the tree tops while the others were led by Sigu into a cave where they remained in safety until the disaster was over. There are other variants of this myth in Guiana.

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The Macusis believe that the survivors of the deluge turned stones into human beings to populate the earth. In the Tamanac myth a man and a woman were saved by climbing to the top of a high mountain. Her pedigree is given under Lleu. In another version Arikute, the god of night, is daily vanquished by his brother Tawenduare, the god of day. It is a constantly renewed daily combat. It was presumably the theft of these that caused the war with Gwydion. Armaiti represented modesty and piety, and was the genius of the earth.

That there were several Arthurs is reasonably certain, the last being the military leader mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth. The collection of stories known as the Arthurian Legend are to a large extent Christianized versions of early Celtic myth, and, as such, do not fall within the scope of this work. Aschochimi Indian Creation Legend This tribe of California Indians tells of a great deluge in which all mankind was drowned. This type of flood myth usually implies that the survivors of the tribe had to bring in those rescued from other ethnic groups in order that the race might be continued.

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Sea goddess of the northern Semites. The word Asgard means the abode of the Ass or Aesir. She was the fertility goddess of the Semitic races, her cult having spread throughout the whole Middle East. By the Greeks she was equated with Aphrodite, who would appear to be the same but in a new setting. Ash In Egyptian myth a three-headed deity—lion, snake and vulture—of foreign origin. His name occurs only five times in inscriptions from the eleventh to the eighteenth dynasties.

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Asha represented righteousness and truth, upholding moral order in the world. Later eaten by a monster serpent. Asshur Assur Originally an Assyrian moon and war god of the city of that name. His symbol, a god in a horned cap, shooting an arrow from a bow, enclosed in a circle, was the ensign under which the Assyrians marched into battle, and was to be found in one form or another wherever the rule of Assyria spread.

In her rage at this, Allatu cursed him with a terrible curse condemning him to dwell in darkness and to feed on garbage. Astar Ethiopic god of heaven. They would appear to have reached a higher degree of culture than their Aryan rivals. The Brahmans attributed to them wealth and luxury, the use of magic, superior architectural skill, and the ability to restore the dead to life. The word means Ash, and is frequently prefixed to Yggdrasill, the tree of life.

The term was possibly derived from Aeshmadaeva, the furry demon. The Median folk story from which the Book of Tobit is derived shows marked resemblances to the Persian original. In the Talmud, Asmodeus is king of the tribe of demons known as the Shedin.

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Originally they were cosmic deities, but later, under their individual names of Dasra and Nasatya, were known as the Divine Physicians. They may be taken to have been early Vedic culture heroes, who were raised to divine rank because of their importance. Athar Attar God of war and giver of water in South Arabia. He was the reputed author of the fourth Veda, and was said to be the first to open the ways by sacrifice.

Atius-Tirawa Chief deity of the Pawnees, who figures in their Creation Legend and who endeavoured to destroy the world by fire, the conflagration being put out by the deluge. He was a pre-diluvial culture hero with a knowledge of astronomy as he was supposed to have ordered the movement of the stars and planets. Atea Rangi The sky father of the Tuomotuans of Polynesia. Aten In Egyptian myth the god of the solar disk who was monotheistically worshipped by Akhenaten, a religious theory originating in Heliopolis, which only lasted for one reign.

Atunis Estruscan version of the Greek god Adonis. Called Etzel in the Nibelungenlied.