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December 19, — September 25, Anime and Manga portal. December 15, [4]. October 27, [5]. Kojou Akatsuki, a high school student living on Itogami Island, is suspected of being a powerful vampire called the Fourth Progenitor. On his way home, he notices a female student trailing him. She moves into the apartment adjacent to Kojou, the better to observe him from.

Explosions and an apparent familiar battle on the East Island causes Yukina to rush to intervene. Rudolf Eustach, a European exorcist who controls the victorious homunculus Astarte, confronts her and they fight. Just as her situation turns dire, Kojou arrives to save her.

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Natsuki Minamiya-sensei meets with Kojou and Yukina and warns Kojou that he may be in danger. After enlisting Asagi Aiba's research assistance, the two investigate an abandoned homunculus research facility. While they explore it, Eustach and Astarte appear and a fight ensues in which Kojou is decapitated. Eustach leaves them to continue his mission. Kojou regenerates and Yukina offers her blood to him, which results in his gaining mastery over a familiar. They pursue Eustach who reveals that his mission is to retrieve a holy relic which is integral to the foundation of the island.

Students prepare for the upcoming Saikai Academy ball sports tournament. Kojou is attacked by two magical spirits which are easily dispatched by Yukina who now tracks his movements with shikigami. Left behind after the attack is an invitation to a party which they attend that evening aboard the yacht of the newly arrived Lord Ardeal or Dimitrie Vatler , a powerful vampire representative of the Lost Warlord. Sayaka Kirasaka, Yukina's friend from the Lion Kings, makes her feelings known about men in general and Kojou in particular.

Vatler discusses the new threat posed by international terrorist Christoph Gardos and his organization. Yukina proposes to deal with this threat herself. Asagi receives and quickly deciphers a decryption puzzle from an unknown source. Kojou and Yukina visit Natsuki in her office, learn that Astarte is now employed as her maid, and discuss Vatler, terrorism, and the ancient weapon known as Nalakuvera.

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Kojou asks Asagi to research this weapon which she agrees to as its name was the answer to the puzzle she had solved earlier. An enraged Sayaka confronts and assaults Akatsuki atop the school roof. Kojou's surge of power damages the school and injures Asagi. Yukina arrives to end the conflict and brings Asagi to the infirmary. They are joined there by Astarte and Nagisa.

Required by Yukina to reflect upon their actions, Sayaka and Kojou instead continue to bicker atop the roof but with her beginning to warm to him. Therianthropic terrorists invade the infirmary, triggering a shrieking panic attack by Nagisa.

After terrorist leader Christoph Gardos shoots Astarte, the other three girls are abducted and driven to the airport. Motoki Yase attempts to intervene but is blocked by Vatler who seeks the excitement of a showdown.

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Gardos reveals his objectives and demands that Asagi decipher the Nalakuvera operations manual. Kojou battles the Nalakuvera and Sayaka joins the fray. When his familiar drives the Nalakuvera into the ground, it causes an earthquake and the two fall through a fissure to a lower level of the now leaking and unstable float. Asagi works furiously at deciphering the control system for the Nalakuvera. Yukina discovers Gardos' secret — the hold is filled with manufactured Nalakuvera.

Gardos appears and fights her. She severs his arm but is prevented from defeating him by the sudden appearance of two more terrorists bearing the unconscious Nagisa and Asagi. Their situation underground bleakens and Sayaka, spurred by Vatler's earlier, offers herself to Kojou, gaining him control of second familiar.

Gardos takes the master Nalakuvera and leads the rest into the fight. Initially the ancient weapons seem indestructible but Yukina destroys them all using a special command secretly created by Asagi after decoding their control system. Asagi lures Kojou into the school's art room to get closer to him without any other women nearby and secure a date for the coming weekend; Yukina observes remotely. While Yukina and Kojou discuss revealing his secret identity to Asagi, they witness Nagisa accepting a letter from a classmate.

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Sayaka informs Kojou that she will be coming to the island this weekend as a VIP bodyguard. Kojou stalks his sister at school along with Yukina and is introduced to a classmate of hers, the silver-haired Kanon Kanase, who has been collecting feral cats in some nearby church ruins. Natsuki and Motoki discuss the recovering victim from a recent aerial battle and are joined by Vatler who adds to their knowledge of the victim and alerts them to some approaching threats to the city.

Kojou and Yukina visit Magus Craft, the company run by Kanon's father. He is off-site, but his secretary Beatrice has the pair flown to a research island the company owns nearby. The pilot Lowe quickly strands them there. Wondering about Kanon Kanase, Sayaka investigates the church ruins and encounters Motoki, who she recalls seeing with Vatler. They are joined moments later by Nagisa and Asagi and all retire to a nearby internet cafe, where Asagi tracks down the whereabouts of Kojou and Yukina.

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That night on the island, Kojou searches for Yukina, who had left the shelter, and discovers that they were not alone on the island. Another hovercraft beaches, waving a flag of truce, and Kanon's adoptive father Kensei Kanase greets them, accompanied by Beatrice and Lowe. After revealing their plans and that Kanon is being developed into what Kensei terms an 'angel', a fight breaks out.

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Kanon's attack seemingly kills Kojou, which disrupts her mental state unpredictably and she creates a tower of ice around herself. Not far from the island, Sayaka assaults and takes control of a Magus Craft container ship and is joined on it by Natsuki. Curled up into a ball, Kanon agonizes while encased in ice at the top of her self-imposed barrier. Abutting the tower of ice, Yukina has created a magical shelter for the three. La Folia induces Yukina to arousing and feeding Kojou, enabling a familiar within him to heal the wound from Kanon's attack and return Kojou to consciousness.

Inspired by this display, La Folia gives herself to Kojou, gaining him control over a third familiar. Kojou confronts the patiently waiting Kensei. After much bickering, another fight breaks out, this time including additional 'angels' secretly cloned by Beatrice.

Kojou defeats Kanon using the familiar Al-Meissa Mercury for the first time. Strange occurances occur around the city before its annual Halloween Festival. People begin teleporting when they pass through doorways and movement in the city is shut down by traffic mishaps. Astarte arrives at the tower to reveal that Natsuki has vanished and that her orders are to protect Kanon should this happen.

That night, Yuuma speaks cryptically and at midnight, kisses Kojou and he falls unconscious. When he wakes, he finds himself in her body, with his own body now missing. Yukina concludes that Yuuma to blame. Yuuma arrives in Kojou's body to propose a deal with Vatler over the fate of the criminals imprisoned in the island's magical high security prison and secure his inaction.

Asagi solves most of the island's navigational issues and quickly develops a satellite-based navigation system phone app which is sent to Kojou enabling Yukina and he to travel to the tower to confront the witches. Eventually, Yukina drives Sekkarou through Le Bleu and into Yuuma, which results in everyone returning to their own body and Natsuki waking. While they discuss the future, Aya's guardian spirit L'Ombre appears suddenly to spit both Yuuma and Natsuki with its sword.

Asagi cares for her new ward who has lost her memories to Aya's curse. Kojou leads the others to his mother's research facility where everyone has fun and Sayaka attempts to seduce Kojou hoping to heal him. Convict Gigliola Ghirardi appears and takes mind control of the Island Guard detachment, subdues Astarte and menaces Asagi and Natsuki-chan. Vatler intervenes and brutally returns her to her cell. Kojou rides up on a stolen folding bike and negotiates handing Natsuki-chan over to Vatler, ostensibly for safekeeping aboard his cruise ship.

Convict Meiga Itogami approaches Aya on the school roof where she further explains the situation.