Californian Architecture in Santa Barbara

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So how did Santa Barbara get a Spanish start?

University of California, Santa Barbara, University Art Museum, Architecture and Design Collection

He named the channel and an island in her honor — and soon, the city of Santa Barbara was born. The Spaniards then returned years later. California joined the United States in A botched survey left Santa Barbara with misaligned streets and inconsistent block sizes.

Quintessential Historic Hacienda in Santa Barbara, California

Blame Salisbury Haley, who tied his survey chains with rawhide that shrunk and swelled with the weather. In spite of his goofs, Haley got a street named for him. The coastline runs eastwest here, and provides a southern exposure and mild climate similar to that of southern France.

Take an Architectural Tour of Santa Barbara

Fast forward to , when downtown was shaken into rubble by a 6. Architecturally, the earthquake was a big win for the city: Civic leader Pearl Chase convinced city planners to rebuild in a unified Spanish Colonial Revival style inspired by the Old Mission and recently completed Lobero Theatre. Her creative efforts, seen in the iconic red-tile roofs and whitewashed adobe walls, are remembered in a delightful beachside park named in her honor. The Wharf is a gateway to the boardwalk that runs through town, attracting cyclists, joggers and the like.

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Visitors to Santa Barbara will clearly notice more action and activity on the south side of State Street, near the Zone, compared to the relative weekend quiet of upper State. The building is considered the landmark of Santa Barbara, with its four-faced clock tower, red tile roof, arches and carvings every way to Sunday. The view up top is free and a must. If you love Mexican food, there are more choices in Santa Barbara that you could keep up with.

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There's been a line outside tiny La Super Rica ever since Julia Child put it on the map in with a brief mention in an article for National Geographic Traveler. She called it "one of the most authentic Mexican home-cooking restaurants around. As you wait to order, you watch the staff build homemade tortillas, one by one. If the line is too long, head one block down the street to Los Agaves, which promises "the bold flavors of Mexico," for table service, more traditional fare fajitas, burritos, etc.