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Steve Pavlina Passive Income #9 - Using Stretch Goals

By this point I was earning so much more from StevePavlina. But the passive income stream from these games helped me launch my personal growth business. My games income covered all my expenses while I got StevePavlina. No, I could easily have earned more money working at a job. I was already earning more than that from contract programming work before I wrote my first independent game.

The point is to learn how to create passive income streams, so you can get better at it. Then you can create bigger streams as your skills increase. Today I can create new streams of passive income with a lot less effort than I had to exert in the s. Your cell phone is probably times more powerful than the computer I used back then. You also have me coaching you along the way.

Sometimes the people in my life suggested that I should get a job. Do set goals, but be patient with your progress. This is a skill that will benefit you your whole life. Even if you work on this for 10 years, there will still be plenty more to learn. Coming up with ideas is easy. But for now, the goal has to come first. This seems like an achievable goal for me.

My New Passive Income Goal

I want to keep this goal fairly basic, so I can focus on the teaching aspect. Having a clear and specific goal helps me transition to thinking about the how. Now I can start pondering ways to do this. I want to set something up once and have it generate monthly income for at least a decade. The deadline is a focusing mechanism. I could create a new passive income stream within a couple weeks if I want to. But for this stream, I want to take it slow and explain the process in detail, so you can follow along. But I also want to keep moving towards some kind of release.

The key to goal setting is to get into the habit of setting and achieving goals. You can always set a bigger goal later once you achieve the original goal. So I celebrated that. Then I set a new goal with a new deadline. I think this is a very achievable goal for most people. Now some people will blow this goal out of the water; it will be way too easy for them.

Other people will find it a serious challenge. Feel free to adjust the goal to something that feels good to you. Once you learn how to do that, you can surely do it again.

What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging For Money [TRUTH]

This is what I want for you as well. This know-how will relieve you of much financial pressure.

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You can just create more passive income streams if you want more money. If you expect mostly positive support, then share your goal on your blog, your Facebook page, etc. If, on the other hand, you anticipate a largely negative response if you share your goal publicly, then you have a different challenge to address. This means your life is filled with too many incompatible people. You have too much social drag.

Block them, unfriend them, etc. If other people have a problem with your setting a goal in this area, what are they going to be like when you actually succeed? Better to cut them out now and fill your life with positive support.

How to determine pay raise

Let them learn from your example… from a distance. Prepare to succeed. Expect to succeed. This will create space to invite much better relationships with people who will support you on this path. The dead weight must be shed, so that positive support can come through. Receive Steve's new articles by email. Enter your email address below, and click "Download Now" to get the free guide and subscribe to Steve's newsletter.

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Passive Income Walkthrough

If you talk to any top earning blogger, vlogger or podcaster they will all tell you that they actually earn more from their own products , affiliate partnerships or sponsorships. So how much money can you make as a full-time blogger? It all depends on your niche, demographic, time investment and revenue streams.

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform for beginners looking to launch their blog. Medium , Blogger and Weebly are also popular among new bloggers. Blogging has transformed over the years and the ecosystem continues to evolve.

It has become much harder to reach your audience by simply writing whatever you want these days. This strategy will give you a roadmap to follow as you create new content for your blog.

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Basically you want to find relevant topics to write about that have high traffic but also have fewer competitors. There are many free tools available that you can use to find these golden topics before you start writing. Your readers want to connect with you, just like they would in real life. When you read your blog post out loud, does it sound like a conversation or does it sound like you are talking at someone? Get your visitors involved and start building a community that can hold a conversation.

Why are you writing this blog post and are there any actions your readers should take next? The faster your readers understand your point the more likely they are to come back for more information in the future. Every page of your website should have a place where visitors can give you their email address. This could be one of the most important tips I can give you about blogging since email addresses, website visits and engagement are a true measure of your growth. If someone gives you their email address they have literally given you direct access to their precious inbox.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies bloggers can use to make money online. Simply asking your readers to share their thoughts or making it a point to encourage them will help to foster a community. Most people are shy when they first meet someone and the same goes for coming across a new blog.

Creating Passive Income Streams – by Steve Pavlina

Gentle nudges of encouragement will always improve your engagement and grow a blogging community much faster. The most important tip for increasing engagement is to be fully engaged yourself. Nothing is more off putting for a community than their leader taking a backseat. Every day new content is created on the internet and old content is archived.